I create copy and content that your readers will love, getting you the results you want: more customers, increased engagement, and higher sales.

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Why hire me?

Let’s go back to one of my first clients. They hired me to write some emails for them and rewrite some of the copy on their website. It took me about 3.5 seconds to understand why.

The copy had been written by a very sharp person in their department. I could tell they knew their stuff.

But it was chock full of jargon and technical terms. No way the Average Joe could understand it! It was written by someone so deep into the field, they forgot what it was like to be new to it. They weren’t getting the results they wanted because their readers literally couldn’t understand the information.

I rewrote their website copy, putting it into plain English (but not dumbing it down!) while giving the reader all of the information they needed. I did the same for their emails: conveying the information in messages that were easy-to-understand and easy to act on.

That’s what a copywriter does and that’s what I can do for you: take your message from so-so to stellar.